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Tradebank makes finding partners to barter with in Atlanta effortless. Tradebank of Atlanta network is one of the largest barter exchanges in not only Atlanta, but also the southeast.

Tradebank is a dynamic, trading marketplace where companies of all sizes are selling their products & services to other companies in the network, and buying the products or services they need to grow their business – without cash.

Tradebank brings you the additional customers you desire while assisting you in lowering your overhead expenses, improving your cash flow, and increasing your cash profits. Our clients have the flexibility to use their “trade dollars” to purchases items from thousands of businesses within the Tradebank network. The additional barter revenue can be used on your most common overhead expenses such advertising and marketing to equipment and supplies or even to healthcare and employee incentives. Tradebank brings you new customers so that you can use your trade instead of cash for other business expenses.

The Benefits of Trade are Incredible

  • Brings you new business on a continuing basis
  • Conserves your cash
  • Frequently increases your profit margin
  • Lowers your overhead cost
  • Members refer new cash customers
  • No accounts receivable
  • No bad debts or bad checks
  • Itemized monthly statement
  • Valuable new business contacts
  • Multi-state and international trading privileges
  • Your gross margin is inverted into a discount when you buy
  • We do all the bookkeeping for your transactions

Find Out Why Tradebank is the Smarter Way to Barter